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The way a child comes into this world becomes his or her knowledge of what birth is. It is an imprint; a forgotten memory. Most people go on to raise a family without ever acknowledging how their own birth has affected them in life.  Birth matters! Being born into a peaceful, loving, quiet, comfortable atmosphere with ease, is the first, greatest gift we can give our newborns.
The word 'doula' means "to mother the mother'.
Womyn do not require 'help' to birth their babies, but rather, they need support, encouragement and service. Doulas are a beautiful way to enhance the birth experience and can be one of the most effective ways of avoiding unnecessary interventions and complications. Doulas and midwives are present for a baby's birth to assist the mother in her power and help her achieve her desired birth experience through acknowledging her needs, providing personal, holistic prenatal care, emotional and physical support during labor, and provide optimal, birth wisdom, knowledge and understanding to each individual experience.
The way a baby is born will greatly affect their ability to thrive, their growth, development, sensitivity, and their overall health and happiness. Our intentions and actions ultimately co-create our present and our future. In our childbearing year, we must acknowledge our true feelings about birth.  As I did, every woman may ask herself:
For what reasons do I want a child?
What kind of peson do I want to co-create?
What kind of mother will I be?
What will I teach my child and what will my child teach me?
Almost 8 months and feeling happy! Thanks to Mother Nature, herbs, yoga, exercise, music, meditation, sound healing, love making and laughter, I had a great pregnancy. Ahhhh...
How may I avoid undesireable symptoms?
What kind of care do I really need?
What is different about home and hospital birth?
What does a Midwife do?
What kind of experience do I desire?
Where do I truly feel safe?
What are my fears about giving birth?
How will I overcome them?
What kind of birth do I envision?
Who will be there and how can they support me?
and most importantly;
What does birth mean to me?
It may mean something different for us all, but deep in our hearts, all womyn desire a safe, empowering, healthy, happy birth experience. All womyn deserve optimal prenatal and birth care. All mothers have choices and much information available. we all want "the best" for our children, although that can mean very different things for each woman. 
I believe that when you truly want something, you shall receive it. And if a woman chooses not to set an intention for her birth experience, she will not be empowered. And when a woman is not empowered in birth, she is not in control of her experience. I encourage womyn to follow their intuition, tune into their bodies' wisdom and most importantly, to listen to their baby. We must choose the best option for ourselves but also for the future health and happiness of our children. It is afterall, the baby's birth day!
The next question we must ask ourselves is: 
How would I want to be born?
What does my baby want? 


This requires us to put aside our fears about birth, remember that this not about us, not a matter of "life vs death", not a time to stress. It us a time to simply trust that there is a higher power within us all, guiding us through the entire process.

Babies know how to be born! 
Babies musn't learn how to respond to trauma! Its birth! Being born prematurely, with forceps, vaccum, with drugs, by cesarean, with interventions of all sorts...It's trauma however we would like to categorize or name it. We have lost the ability to trust birth because of all continuous traumatic experiences that were created by not trusting birth! We must trust life everyday, so why not trust birth again? As womyn have for all of existence, before there was anything to doubt, before there were hospitals...when the midwives were always present...
All women and children have rights to optimal prenatal care, a favorable and satisfying birth experience and on- going home visitation postpartum care. I encourage all womyn to make educated choices and to motivate  themselves on what it is that they want, instead of focusing energy on what is not desired.The law of attraction has been proven most effective when there is a positive intention and we most definately attract what we put our attention to.
Here is an example of dis-empowered, uneducated attitudes and the unclear, self-created  limitations that accompany and can create unsatisfying,  unfavorable outcomes:
-"I want a natural birth, but we'll see how it goes."
(as if not in control of desired experience)
-"My doctor is great, and doesn't do unnecessary c-sections, but I don't feel 100% comfortable with him.
-'My doctor says I am ____and says that I have to _____."
-"I want to birth at home, but my husband/sister/mother is not open/supportive of it."
-"I've been told I am high-risk, so I have to have my baby in the hospital/something could happen..." (influence, fear)
-"My insurance will cover the birth in the hospital/we can't afford a midwife." (making decision based on cost, rather than worth of experience, illusionary, self-limiting)
-"I don't want to feel anything/ I don't think I could handle doing it naturally/ I just want the drugs." (FEAR)
-"All I know is I don't want a cesarean." (unclear, negative)
-"I will circumcise my son because his father is circumcised/ because my husband thinks its best/ I don't have a choice in the matter."(dis-empowered, uneducated decision-making)
-"My baby wouldn't come/was breech/almost died, so I had to be in the hospital" (unsatisfied, victim mentality)
-"I ended up having a horrible experience but at least my baby is healthy." (ie. alive)

 And here are most-powerful, positive affirmations which will ensure a satisfying experience:
-I TRUST birth, my body and my baby.
-I have nothing to fear but my own self-created limitations.
-I will envision my desired birth experience, and live it!
-I will only listen to my intuition, inner wisdom, my heart.
-I will have a natural birth.
-I will have my baby at home.
-I will have a doula attend my birth.
-I will have a midwife attend my birth.
-I will birth my baby unassisted.
-I want a safe, private, warm, comfortable, supportive environment to bring my baby into. (HOME)
-I let go of all illusions that are keeping me distant from having a great birth experience.
-I acknowledge my fears and I am ready to let go of them so that my baby can be born unto trust, safety and love.
-I respect and love myself enough to do what I desire.
-I respect and love my baby enough to give him/her the gift of vaginal birth at home/ in water/with a midwife.
-I acknowledge my power as a woman, and I will use it in the most effective, healthy, positive, satisfying ways.
-I honor & trust myself enough to say how I feel and what I want. I want __________.
-I will have the BEST BIRTH EVER!!!
With this confident and direct attitude, any woman is guaranteed to be satisfied with her experience and have only great things to say about it. Most womyn do not know what they want because they have not opened their minds and hearts to the fact that they obtain all the power within them and can utilize it especially during birth.  

When a womyn knows what she wants, she is honoring her feelings and  her desires as her essence, her truth, her power. The empowered womyn  is in control of her experience and will take responsibiliity for all that she creates, and not blame anyone/thing for what happens (ie. routine procedures, interventions, doctor, family) That is why most women who are empowered give birth in their desired environment, usually their home. The empowered womyn understands and utilitizes her power in healthy, positive, inspiring, healing ways. She is primal, instinctive and trusts birth, and does not let fear stand in her way of having an amazing birth experience. Basically, when we trust birth, we leave no room for  negative, undesirable occurances to take place.
Thinking and acting positively always has a greater effect! Educating ourselves and having awareness  is the first step and best way to create a vision for what we truly want in our lives. My goals are to support mother-baby, family and earth-friendly organizations, make more information available to all people, and help create more resources for the facilitation of progress for normal birth. All of the following are services that are available, and beneficial to all womyn, couples and families.
As a doula, I support womyn in labor and birth at home, in hospital or birth center, and will travel to the family's home for continuous labor, birth and postpartum support, provide placenta medicine preparation and anything else which will serve the new family. I specialize in herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutrition, aromatherapy and massage. I encourage using a birth ball, birthing stool, having freedom of movement and position changes, water (birth) for pain therapy and know of many traditional doula and techniques for 'mothering the mother'. I provide a way for womyn and mothers to find support in their local community and provide excellent resources for pregnancy and childbirth.
I can help you find optimal services such as:
-facilitation of conscious conception , including literature, workshops and herbal/nutritional guidance
-holistic conception, prenatal, postpartum wellness care
-prenatal massage
-support for miscarriage and early loss
-birth Dvd's, audio Cd's, books, websites and other birth-related literature (for purchase and lend-out)
-birth trauma workshops for mothers and couples
-pregnancy and birth 'blessing way' preparation ceremonies
-belly dancing classes, belly casting kits
-pregnancy and birth photography
-birthing ball, stool, doppler and water tub rentals
-hospital/home birth preparation supplies
-herbal & homeopathic medicine, remedies, products (such as tea mixes, postpartum bath salts, natural body salves and oils)
-herbal and nutritional consulting for specific dietary needs
-assistance with writing your perfect birth plan, based on your birth preferences and location
-optimal birth and postpartum doula care
-doula and childbirth educator certification programs
-placenta preparation (raw, cooked, powder or capsules) and placenta burrial suggestions (see more on following page)
-mother/family-owned companies, stores and websites for organic baby clothing, bedding, cloth diapers, slings, non-toxic toys, body products
-mother and baby wellness  (massage, chiropractic, physical therapy etc.)
-referrals to holistic health practicioners/pediatricians (herbs, homeopathy, energy work)
-lactation consultant care, La Leche League meetings in your area and nursing-friendly stores
-local events for mothers, children and families
The birth and postpartum experience, knowledge and  services, I offer are very familiar to some, and new information to others. All in all, we come from the same place, have the same needs, and want the best outcome. But before we can achieve whatever that outcome may be, we  must be willing to let go of the old, the negative resistance and bring in what truly serves us. Womyn have forgotten to trust birth, to trust the power of the human body, and the power of birth. I am here to remind each and every person I meet that birth is sacred, and hold space for the power or birth to overrule any and all other meaningless ideas, concepts and restrictive beliefs. May we always remember our true nature as humans,  womyn,  mothers and as grandmothers, guiding the future generations.  May we celebrate birth, passing our wisdom on to our sons and daughters,  reminding them that how we give birth and are born, does make a difference in our life, and in this world. "Peace on Earth Begins with Birth!"
Peace, love, happiness & baby blessings, 
 Namaste, Shylah Ray Sunshine
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